Radio Shack/Archer Code to Speech

I had some old Radio Shack/Archer speech processing chips lying around that I’d been wanting to play around with for quite some time. So, I began by bread-boarding them and then designed a PCB layout in Eagle. The chips used are the CTS256A-AL2 and SP0256.  The data sheets for these chips are pretty old and hard to read but I was able to decipher enough out of them to get the circuit working.

CTS256A-AL2 data sheets:

SP0256 data sheets:

I used Eagle to develop a schematic based on the data sheets but omitted the audio amplifier since I was using an external one and couldn’t seem to get satisfactory performance from the circuit used in the data sheets.

2 comments so far

  1. Jose Luis Collado on

    Hi Ken! I had these chips for a long time and now I’m planning on using theme for a DIY Robot that I started building with my son. It would be useful if you can provide me the Eagle schematic file.

    Thanks and regards,
    Jose Luis.

    • kengasper on

      Sure. I’ll locate them and attach them to this post.

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